How control hair fall and hair dandruff naturally. Prohairstyletrends

What is hair fall

This is a situation of hairs or this is a illness of hairs in which hairs are falling down. The root of the hair was cut or separate from the head surface and a occurring the hair result called hairfall. 

Hairfall also separate in two parts that is if you spread your hands in your hairs then some amounts of hairs get down in your hands and another one not get down very simply you have to stretch it. Nobody here who want to hairfall .naturally or physically that hairfall attached human. Who has hairfall in large quantity the person was hairless on head and that look at this type

Causes of hairfalls 

If you are attached or you have hairfall so this have many causes because of different person having different skin on body and doctors also says matter cause of any Pietient 50% depending on human body sources. So that was a simple reason if you have skin which not perfect to your hair or strength of skin is very above level so low leveling hairs falling down. If you choice another one so it is man made reason if you not clean your hairs in well manner like shampoo stay in your hairs,dust particles or you alive in hard temperature so hairfall attached with you. Also the dandruff is a main cause of hairfall. 

How control hair fall

Not in 14 but when you are going in above ages of 14 hairfall simply attacked you. Some content like protein, hemoglobin are not provided in your hair in well quantity so hairfalling action being created. 
1.use many of natural products for hair like Allueira, papaya, sweet potato
2.use shampoo trice in week. 
3.not use hot war for washing hair use filtered or cooled water for washing
4.use cap in most times because dust also arrived around hairs. 
5.use shampoo, and best product on online except wax, gels

What is dandruff 

Non other but dandruff is a waste and bad particles in hairs which are damage your hairs . They causes due to air particles falling in hairs also when shampoo or soap requires in hairs cause dandruff. They damage your hairs as fall of hairs or hair made white, damage head skin. It's a hardly ever in all world near 90% peoples are arrive with this desist .and near near that has no option or no formula to control or release dandruff. If you use products like gel, wax, so that products are positively attached with air particles and stay in root of hairs and cause many damage to hairs. Also when bath being and use of shampoo, soap not in manner so dandruff occurs in hairs  

Ways to control dandruff

This is not possible to remove all the dandruff in your hairs but is possible to control it from hair and control to remove damage which is from dandruff. You may use shampoo daily but in properly manner because some of particles if remains in hairs they also cause dandruff so wash hairs clean. Other one is if you have long hair so use cap in society when you are out of home. If you arrived in most dandruff so clean shave your hairs and stay without head hair use lemon water because it has siytric acid so they got opposite of dandruff. Use Alluvera, liquid of lemons. Shampoo, dandruff free soap. All the ways gives some amount of dandruff free hairs in some months. 


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